The user understands and acknowledges that Bigtionary shall only generate the design to be printed or engraved on the product. Bigtionary outsources the manufacture, packaging and delivery of customized products containing the design generated on the website to third party vendors (hereafter referred to as “vendor partners”). Such vendor partners are sensitized and prevailed upon to use the best quality raw materials and the best practices in manufacturing and delivery, to ensure that a product of the finest and merchantable quality reaches user. However, the responsibility towards the product and liabilities, if any, in respect of the same, lie exclusively with such vendor partners and not with Bigtionary.

In so far as returns, refunds and cancellations of orders are concerned, the user shall be bound by the below terms and conditions. 


i. Some of our vendor partners might agree to replace the product, without any additional costs or expenses and only in cases of defects or damages.

ii. Requests for replacements can be made through the “Contact Us”  page or by sending an email to You will send Bigtionary a photograph of the damaged or defected product within 24 hours of receiving it.

iii. Replacements will be accepted only after prior written consent and return shipping instructions from Bigtionary.

iv. Bigtionary’s liabilities are confined to those set forth in the User Agreement.

v. In the event where the product containing the design generated by the website is found to be (a) damaged or broken or, (b) contaminated with chemicals or bioagents, deemed harmful to human health, or (c) defective or contains any shortcomings of any nature whatsoever, including shortcomings in the delivery of the product such as delays and delivery to an incorrect address, etc., Bigtionary shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for such defects or damage or contamination in such products and the user’s only recourse is to take up such issues with the vendor partners referred to by Bigtionary.


The charges collected by Bigtionary including shipping charges and taxes shall not be refunded to the user under any circumstance. Only replacements will be considered.

In any event, we reserve the absolute and unqualified right to review each application for refund and/ or replacement and reject the application so received, with or without citing any reasons. Further, we reserve the absolute and unqualified right to independently verify or contract someone to verify, the documentary proof cited by the person making the application and determine the veracity of the claim for replacement.

Notwithstanding anything stated above, should we, in our exclusive discretion and for any reason, decide to refund the design fee, the maximum relief you will be entitled to will be the refund of the charges without any kind of interest or penalties. 


i. In the event you opt for a particular product(s)/ service(s) on the website or of our vendor partners, and proceed to authorise the rendering of the product(s)/ service(s), it is not open for you to terminate or cancel the same subsequent to such authorisation, which will be deemed to have been provided upon confirming of the order and receipt of an order number. 

ii. During the course of rendering of such product(s)/ service(s), if you do manage to terminate or cancel the order for such product(s)/ service(s), any consequent claim for refund or replacement, as the case may be, will not be entertained. Alternatively your claim for refund, if any, will be entertained only to the extent of the product that is unused or the service that is yet to be rendered. In other words, we are entitled for compensation as per the relevant charges for the product already used and/ or for services already rendered. We further reserve the right to deduct cancellation charges before granting the refund.

iii. Orders in transit cannot be cancelled.